Paradiescamp Radstadt

Frequently asked Questions




Do I have to bring my own bed linens?
No! If you are traveling as a youth as part of a group, you will find the bed linens sitting there on the bed, giving you the opportunity demonstrate your superior bed-making skills! For all other guests, the beds will already be made.


Do I have to bring my own towels?
If you are traveling as a youth as part of a group, then you are in charge of bringing your own towels. For all other guests (chaperones, individual travelers), we provide towels. For the spa area, please bring your own bathing towels.

  • What is the difference between a Shared Room and a Family Room?
    In a Shared Room are bunk beds only. A Family Room offers a double bed and bunk beds.

What is the difference between the Double Room Classic and the Double Room Comfort?

    • The Classic Type (13-15 m²) offers two separate beds.
    • The Comfort Type (20-23 m²) has double or single beds and cable TV.

Are the facilities wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately not. The dining halls and rooms are only accessible by stairs. 
The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.


Are there specific meal times?
When there are multiple groups on site, each group gets its own fixed meal time.
For individual travelers and families, the breakfast buffet is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


Will my special dietary needs (allergies, intolerances, religious denomination…) be taken into consideration?
Yes. Please inform us of your special dietary needs prior to your arrival!
Intolerances/allergies: please bring your own special groceries (such as gluten- or lactose-free ingredients), so that we may process them separately if needed.
Vegetarian/vegan/Muslim: We provide the appropriate alternatives.


What is there to drink with the meals?
For lunch, mountain spring water from our own source
For dinner, tea or juice


May I order/purchase drinks/snacks at any time?
We offer two drink vending machines and one candy vending machine (coins).
Alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks are available at the counter.


May I rent a bathrobe from the hotel?
Yes, for a fee of € 5


Are bathing towels available in the spa area?
No, please bring your own bathing towels!


Do you have your own ski storage?
Yes. At nighttime, the ski storage area will be locked up.
Is there a heated room for ski boots?

Do I have to bring my own balls/rackets (for football, tennis, etc.) or may I rent them on site?
Ideally you should bring your own equipment. Otherwise, you may rent rackets and balls from us.
Where may I store my golf equipment?
In the house-owned storage.

Where can I get wood for a campfire?
Firewood is provided by us.
May I purchase postcards and stamps on site?
Yes, we also have our own post box, which is serviced daily.


How far away is your location from the city center?
3 km – about 30 min. by foot
How far is it to the nearest supermarket or shopping center?
Grocery stores and a shopping center with sporting goods store, pharmacy, and shoe and clothing stores are about 900 m away. 
How far is it to the ski area?
400 m, accessible on foot or on skis

How far away is the nearest bus stop?
800 m
How far away is the nearest train station?
2 km – about 20 min. by foot